Inhairitance Accessories

Inhairitance Accessories is our answer to the specific needs of our Curl Tribe.

With this line we focus on creating, innovating and optimizing the ways we can take care of our curly crowns even better and instyle!


What’s better than a Headwrap to style your crown?

A Headwrap that keeps your curls hydrated and protected!

That's why we have incorporated a square of protective satin into the inner layer of each of these beautiful headwraps. Gone are the days of drying cotton scarves! 

Whether you are looking for something subtle or extravagant to complete your outfits, these headwraps will exceed all your expectations. Get creative and spread joy rocking your own signature styles.


"A woman who knows what she wants and what she's worth is not just inspiring, she shines like a Goddess!" That's the motto that inspired our Goddess Collection. This collection was conceived and designed for all the beautiful women who wear their crown of “Afro-dite” tall and proud.


This Inhairitance Satin Pillowcase guarantees for a smooth and protective sleep experience.