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During your FREE hair consultation, you will find out your personal Curl ID. Using detailed information about your curl type, porosity and density, your Curl Analyst will establish a personalized product regimen for you. Take all the guesswork out of caring for your curls! The free consultation is an opportunity to try new products as well as learn the correct way to use them for maximum results! Start your new curl routine with confidence and joy!

Before Your Consultation:

  • Wash Your Hair With Shampoo.
  • Do Not Apply any products in your hair (In order for it to not interfere with results from consultation)
  • Come ready to ask any questions
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Curl Spa

Treat your crown to care of specialists! The Inhairitance Curl Spa offers you a wide range of services from a Big Chop, Inhairitance Strategic Curl Cuts, natural hair and scalp treatments to expert curl definition and styles. Our Curl Experts and Locticians are dedicated to nurturing your curls and locs to their full natural glory!

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Salon Services

  • Wash & Definition

    Wash & Definition

    Deep Cleansing of Scalp & Curls
    Detangle & Condition
    Define Curls

  • Wash & Volume

    Wash & Volume

    Deep Cleansing of Scalp & Curls
    Detangle & Condition

  • Strategic Curl Cut

    Strategic Curl Cut

  • Colour


  • Locs


  • Treatments


    Detox, Hydration, Micro Mist & Protein

Inhairitance Montreal

  • Abisara


  • Michal

    Senior Curl Expert & Trainer

  • Janelle

    Curl Analyst

  • Khady

    Senior Curl Expert

  • Yves-Céline

    Curl Analyst

  • Daneisha

    Curl Expert

  • Danielle

    Curl Expert

  • Imani

    Curl Analyst

  • Nancy

    Curl Professional

  • Fousseni

    Curl Professional

  • Rudy

    Senior Curl Expert & Colourist

  • Kikky

    Loctician & Curl Professional

  • Sandrine

    Curl Professional

  • Brianna

    Curl Professional