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Our Free Consultation gives you the opportunity to find out your Curl ID. This includes all the pertinent information of your hair such as porosity, density, elasticity etc. Your Curl Analyst, will test out different products on your curls based on your Curl ID and create a regimen for your lifestyle. This takes all of the guessing work out of purchasing your products and allows you to feel confident about your new curly regimen.

Before Your Consultation:

  • Wash Your Hair With Shampoo
  • Do Not Apply any products in your hair (In order for it to not interfere with results from consultation)
  • Come ready to ask any questions
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Our Curl Spa Services

Cuts & Trims

The Inhairitance Strategic Curl Cut (ISCC) is a dry cutting technique performed on dried defined curls to appropriately shape your crown in the desired look. This technique gives precise insight into the shrinkage factor of the different curl patterns. To avoid unwanted surprises, we recommend cutting hair only when it is dry. Together with your Curl Specialist you will determine which shape frames your face best and which cut is best suited for your curl type. We believe that open and honest communication from both parties is key to a happy transformation! We encourage you to come in with pictures of your desired styles.
Trims: Trims are also performed on dry hair only, but don’t include a shape.

All Cutting and Trimming services include:
-Wash, Conditioning and Detangling
-Curl definition (with and without gel)
-Drying Time (calculate 30-50min depending on density and length)
-Dry cutting and/or trimming of your precious curls
Time: You should calculate between 1.5h to 2.5 hours for this service


Our pricing is based on experience and training. Our Senior Curl Experts, Curl Experts, Curl Professionals and Curl Analysts, all participate in continuous training at the Inhairitance Academy. Each new level of knowledge attained, brings with it new skillsets and capabilities. This is why our pricing varies from one stylist to another, according to their years of experience and skill sets.


Our Treatments

Healthy hair is Beautiful hair! Choose from a range of hair treatments that respond to the specific needs of curly and locked hair. If you are not sure which treatment is right for you, our Curl Analysts and Curl Experts will be happy to assist and guide you!

Detox Treatment:

Healthy hair starts at the scalp. For scalp care, we offer different types of natural detox treatments. A detox is a must for those who have undergone chemical treatments (internal or external) or who simply want a deep cleansing of their scalp. Several issues such as inflammation, bacteria and toxic build-up, as well as dandruff can be treated with the help of detox Treatments.

Benefits: Better hair growth, removes toxins from scalp, controls bacteria and hormonal inflammation.

Hydration Treatment

Curls crave hydration! Regular Hydration treatments are truly a MUST for ALL curls and especially important for clients who struggle with low elasticity (“hard hair”). The continuous lack of hydration is the Nr.1 cause for breakage and lack of length retention. Regular Hydration Treatments optimize the level of moisture within the hair shaft, resulting in long lasting benefits such as softer, healthier and longer hair.

Protein Treatment

Protein treatments are recommended for those whose hair has been damaged by heat, chemical or manual manipulation. We use hydrolyzed forms of protein and amino acids to deeply fill in gaps on the outside layer of the hair (cuticles) and reconstruct protein bonds within
the hair shaft itself (cortex)

Benefits: Your curls look healthier, sheen lasts longer and hydration retention gets maximized. Continuous treatments can bring limp curls back to life. Obligatory for all colored and chemically treated hair. Strongly recommended for high porosity hair types!

All treatments are combine with a wash + definition service

Wash & Definition

We offer different forms of curl definition:

Wash + Definition ( with gel)
Wash + Volume ( no gel)
Wash + Easy Coils ( great for dehydrated hair, and low elasticity hair looking for more definition
Wash + Coils ( Great for short hair and low porosity hair types aiming for very high definition)

All Wash & Definition services include:

- Cleansing (Exfoliating & hydration wash)
- Conditioning
- Detangling
- Curl definition (with and without gel)
- Drying Time (calculate 30-50min depending on density and length)

Time: You should calculate between 1.5h to 2 hours for this service Duration of definition: depending on the level of definition 1-2 weeks

Color for Curls!

We want to put more colour into your life. In your Curl colour consultation (obligatory before any colour service) we want to find out about your vision and greatly appreciate pictures or visual material to guide us in manifesting your colourful dream.

Please note that sometimes it may take several sessions to safely achieve the colour you desire. It should also be noted that colouring may have damaging effects on your hair. The health and integrity of your curls is our highest concern, this is why a thorough consultation about colouring techniques, discoloration and their respective effects are so important to us.

To book an appointment, please note that a colour consultation is required before all colour services. You can book a color consultation online.

For all long time color clients of Inhairitance, please contact your colorist directly by email.

Locs services

The Locs services we offer:

Palm roll:

This technique consists of using the palms of the hands to re-twist the new growth for a low tension end result. Amazing for people with tender Scalps.

  • Price (small Locs): $105
  • Price (medium-large Locs): $85


Interlocking is a maintenance technique done with a crochet hook where the Loc is pulled through the root to tighten the new growth to the scalp. This technique is amazing to keep your roots neat for a very long time.

  • Price (small Locs): $120
  • Price (medium-large Locs): $90


Especially with Locs it is important to avoid heavy build-up and product residue. This is why regular exfoliation for scalp and hair are crucial for healthy and clean Loc maintenance.

  • Price: $35

Repairs & Reconstructions:

We will “heal” your damaged, broken and fragile Locs.

  • Price: 10$/loc

Loc Styling:

We offer you two-strand-twists, Loc Curling, simple braids, Up-do’s and more to showcase your beautiful Locs: Prices vary from $35-70


I.S.C Cut:

The Inhairitance Strategic Cut is a method that will allow the trimming and cutting of your Locs evenly and give you the shape that suits your face and respects the integrity of your Locs

  • Price: 60$

Loc services are not yet available for online booking. To book your service, email us at with the desired service ( Interlock or Palm roll ) as well as the size and length of your Locks.

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Brianna’s passion for curly hair finds expression in her detailed treatment and product plans for each one of her clients. Jolly and cheerful, Bri will know how to transmit her dynamism and her good energy to you!

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Fousseni’s passion: Curl definition! Excellent wash & definitions in all its variations are his expertise. His gentle, kind nature makes him the preferred stylist for children. His patience and great listening skills earn him appreciation from everyone.

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Michal is a Senior Curl expert and educator with over 12 years of experience in the curly and natural hair field. She is also the co-founder of the Inhairitance Academy, responsible for the innovative research and education of all Inhairitance Curl Experts. She will be able to guide you, advise you and answer all your requests in terms of care, cutting, colouring and scalp challenges.

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Rudy is a passionate and experienced Senior Curl expert and Educator. His Cuts and Color services are famous in Paris as well as in Montreal, and truly show his creativity and expertise. As a Hair lover he focuses on the health of your crown and will be able to advise you on the best styles to suit your personality and face, as well as your product regimen and maintenance routine.

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