Body Care

Mama's Life Black Soap - 4oz


Deep skin cleanser that will help your skin to look fresh, healthier and younger.

    100% Unrefined Raw Shea Butter: Shea Butter can be used to treat all of the following skin conditions: Dry Skin, Eczema, Infant Eczema, Stretch Mark Prevention & Minimization, Psoriasis, Arthritis & Rheumatism, Wrinkle Prevention, Diaper Rash, Muscle Fatigue, Scar Minimization & Skin Discolorations, Dry Hair & Scalp and as a natural shaving agent. Shea Butter has been used for centuries for its amazing abilities to renew, repair, and protect the skin. Shea Butter helps to alleviate eczema, soothes sunburn, minimizes stretch marks, long lasting moisturizer, rich in vitamin E, A, and F.

    Roasted Plantain Skin: Helps to remove foreign objects and particles from the body. Relieves sunburn, Helps to heal from insect bite, Aids in quicker healing of wounds, Lowers chance of scarring, Treats acne and Rosacea.

    Cocoa Pod: Antioxidants, Helps reduce stretch marks, Hydrates skin deeply, Sensitive skin healer.

    Coconut Oil: Vitamin E, Assist In Anti-Aging, Rich In Protein, Tissue Repair, Excellent Moisturize For Dry And Hard Skin, Excellent Exfoliant.

    Palm Oil: Contains vitamin E, Great anti aging product, Helps skin fight free radicals that damage skin, Deep cleansing, Helps in prevention of skin inflammation.

    Roasted Plantain skin, cocoa pod, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, palm oil, Shea butter.

    Scent: Unscented

    You can use the Black Soap for showering, bathing, washing your hands, hair and face. Take the Black Soap apart and knead it into a ball to make sure there aren’t any jagged edges, and rub between hands to work into lather.