Mastering Your Curls: The Benefits of Diffusing Over Air Drying

Every Curl Babe knows that when it comes to hair care, crafting the ideal routine for your crown requires patience and plenty of trial and error! Whilst many of us have already mastered our wash day and styling techniques, there is often one crucial step that is overlooked: the drying process. In fact, how you choose to dry your hair can drastically affect not only how your curls look but also their health! 

The air drying vs diffusing debate

Picture this: You’ve just finished your wash day, and your curls are looking JUICY. Now comes the million dollar question, should you let them air dry or bring out the diffuser? Well, grab a comfy seat because today, we’ll be diving into the age old Air Drying vs Diffusing Debate and making a case for why diffusing might be your curly hair’s new bff! 

Why we don’t recommend air drying 

Although Air drying seems to be the easy, damage free route, things are not so simple! Don’t get me wrong, Air Drying does indeed have its benefits! With this method, your curls are at no risk of heat damage and it is way less time consuming than diffusing. You can simply style your hair and let your curls do their thing without needing to manipulate them any further. However, the cons of air drying far outweighs the pros… 

Hygral fatigue

Air Drying on a consistent basis can cause internal damage to your hair. Each of your hair strands consist of three main regions, the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. Between the cuticle and the cortex, there is a thin layer called the cell membrane complex.  A study showed that when this membrane swells up due to the hair being wet, it weakens the hair shafts over time. So, the longer your hair remains wet, the higher the chances of that layer being weakened.

Scalp issues

Did you know that your scalp has a thriving metropolis of bacteria? It's like its own little ecosystem up there! And, these critters THRIVE in damp and dark environments. So, consistently air drying your hair can lead to bacteria growth, fungus and dandruff which can really affect your scalp health. 

Can lead to more frizz

Air drying your hair may result in less definition and more frizz. Your curls will be at their best immediately after styling and diffusing them helps keep your pattern intact. On the other hand, with air drying, there are more opportunities for your curl pattern to be disturbed. Also, the weight of the water can also elongate your curls, deforming them.  

Longer drying time 

And last but not least, air drying means that you’re going to spend at least a couple of hours having to endure the uncomfortable feeling of wet hair. For curly girls with extra thick or long hair, it could take an entire day to air dry completely! 

Why Diffusing Outshines Air Drying 👏🏾 EVERY. TIME 

When it comes to achieving stunning, frizz free curls, the choice is clear: diffusing is the way to go. Say goodbye to unpredictable hair days and hello to gorgeous, voluminous curls that last! This method involves using a dryer attachment to “disperse” the air flow over a wider area of your crown so you can dry your hair faster without disturbing your curls too much. The benefits of this technique include…

Faster drying time

The most obvious reason why diffusing is beneficial is because it dries your curls faster than air drying does. So, if you want to be able to style your hair and leave your house without your curls being wet…diffuse, diffuse, diffuse! 

Seals in products

The heat of the diffuser really seals in all of the great ingredients from your products, allowing for your curls to fully absorb them. 

Better for your scalp

Using heat to dry your hair faster is much better for your scalp health in the long run. As mentioned above, leaving your hair wet or damp for an extended period can cause the bacteria on your scalp to grow and multiply faster! So, by diffusing, you are limiting the amount of time your curls stay wet which helps prevent unwanted visitors! 

More definition

If you’re all about those defined, bouncy curls, diffusing is your secret weapon.  A diffuser helps your hair maintain its definition for up to twice as long and helps keep your curl pattern intact, so you can rock those spirals like nobody’s business. To get really defined, juicy curls during wash day try our CurlCare styling products!

More volume

Last but not least, Diffusing helps create more voluminous curls and coils so you can rock a beautiful fro all day long! The shape of the diffuser helps to cup your hair upwards which will naturally help you achieve more volume. With this tool, it is also easier to reach your roots and lift them upwards away from your scalp. 

Are there any cons to diffusing?

Well, not really… While it's true that using a diffuser regularly can potentially lead to heat damage by breaking down the outer lipid layer of your strands, modern diffusers are designed to be gentler and are less likely to cause heat damage. To stay on the safe side, use medium to low heat to dry your curls and you’re good to go! Another potential “con” of diffusing is how time consuming and inconvenient it can be, especially if you’ve got a lot of hair! But think of it like this, you get to both dry your hair and an arm workout at the same time! Who needs a gym membership when you’ve got a diffuser, am I right?

And there you have it, folks…In the battle of the haircare titans, diffusing emerges as the undisputed champion for curly locks! 🏆 From taming frizz and achieving perfect curls to keeping your scalp healthy, diffusing is the superhero every Curl Babe deserves! 💜